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Straight Kitchen



The 'straight' design offers a stunning look

The Straight kitchens are built keeping in mind the available space and requirements of the individuals. These type of kitchen designs are ideal for comparatively less space. It is mainly suitable for narrow spaces and small houses or flats. These are called straight kitchens as they line up straight against single wall without any breakfast counter.These kitchens have everything one would expect from them to function properly and still look fabulous.


A straight kitchen is absolutely a great selection, If you find that you’re facing a smaller apartment or house. The straight kitchen occupies just a solo wall, which makes for effortless flow of movement in the remaining space. It’s also a great choice for people who want things simple, and don’t want to get into a very complicated interior design process.


Narrow kitchen spaces used by straight kitchen layout. These kitchens contains the cabinets and sink in a single line. This type of setup fits in any kitchen space and makes a extreme compact and neat arrangement.

The straight kitchen or single-wall kitchen is the finest way for those who are dealing with minor spaces.



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