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seating and beds

Pristine Kitchen brings added convenience to upholstered furniture and beds. A wide range of adjustable fittings provide easy chairs, sofas and beds with many addedbenefits and convenient functions for seats, back rests, arm rests and risers. All adjustment functions for beds and upholstered furniture are available in manual or motorised options.

Multifunctionality from Pristine Kitchen..


Our sofa beds take no rest – they leave up to you . It does two tasks which  save your space and money.

We have a huge collection of styles and colors, with seating-beds and corner sofa beds. The single seating bed is a place with a dual function. If you live in a tiny room, you know how tough it is to discover sufficient area for all of your fittings, which is why join part of furniture can be the exact solution. A solo seating  bed folds out to expose a bed sufficient for single person. Increase  your space with a unseen bed for you or your friends.


Seating in  Bed is recognized for its superior quality. It is suitable for seating and also utilize as bed..!



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