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Pull Out Shelves





Our pull out storage shelves can double itself and provide a large space as food or crockery storage. Pristine Kitchen pull out shelves are able to fit large appliances in a tight space without compromising the storage space. Pull out shelves versatility allows repositioning a lot of things like for example the fridge without changing the basic design of the kitchen.


Benefits of Pull-Out-Shelves

-Pull out shelves arrange, de-clutter and help to smoothly use each edge of your cabinet space.

-Effortlessly Access 100% of your shelves - no need to  kneel down or bend down.

-Pull out shelves include many applications like vessel & pan, below sinks, pantries, unseen corners, and spice racks.

-Can carry weight up to 100 pound because of powerful manufacture

- Holds and rolls simply .

-Detachable for cleaning, or access to plumbing.

-The finest warranty in the Market.

-Improved home equity - public will love!

We use only the uppermost quality equipment that won’t break, bend by regular use.


Detachable Shelf

 By pushing down on the protection clips on the side of our shelves you be able to carefully and simply remove the shelf.



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