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Parallel Kitchen




Unify style with utility with Pristine Parallel Kitchens.


Parallel kitchen is usually used where long rooms are there because it uses both the walls. Parallel kitchen offers the advantage of connecting the equipments on just one wall. To avoid the inconvenience of dividing up the work areas into two parts and making unnatural movements to pass from one area to the other, it is preferable to place the work area on one wall (sink, oven, and worktop) and to use the opposite wall for storage.


Face to face with simplicity.

Parallel kitchens guarantee utmost utilization of existing space for cooking without compromisation. Preferable for flats that are tiny in size. This type of kitchen typically runs along  side two adjoining walls with a pathway through the middle. Can be separated in wet and dry areas . Parallel kitchen permit easy access to front loading appliances. It is simple to build up an efficient work triangle in this kitchen design. It combines class and relieve, an perfect arrangement that creates a rich robust lifestyle.



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