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L Shaped Kitchen




This form uses two walls of the kitchen. Often, the refrigerator is at one end of the "L", the drain is towards the middle of the same walls, and the oven is vertical with respect, on the short leg of the "L." Contrary to the U-shape kitchen, the "L" has a lengthy, rather than small walls facing towards rest of the rooms. Room traffic does not cross with the shape of the triangle, and, since this design uses only two walls, we get lots of space, enabling for a more open area in the kitchen.

            This installation is well-suited for a large room where the kitchen shares space with the living room area. L-shaped kitchens can be mainly useful and smart spaces, as useful for food preparation and cleaning as for gathering, eating and conversing. For maximum efficiency in cooking, L-shaped kitchen is the way to go.


Why L-Shaped Kitchen??

The L-shaped layout fits many homes completely. L-shaped kitchen is often the crucial way for maximizing unusual corner spaces in a corner-style layout.

This kitchen is appropriate for a ample range of kitchen styles, including a family-oriented design or one that is suitable for entertaining guests.


The L-shaped kitchen's  unwrap  environment allows for a variety of colors and textures.



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