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Kitchen Chimneys





Pristine Kitchen considers housewives perception of kitchen appearance. Less noise disturbance chimney's keeps the kitchen environment hushed and contamination free and the high suction take away the exhaust & the smell.

The chimney's provided at Pristine Kitchen are best in industry we place the chimney's in such a way that it is efficiently working because placement of a chimney stack affects its capacity to exchange pipe gasses to the outside environment. 

The pricing of the chimney varies from product to product and it also depends upon the features and uses. To pep up your kitchen design, we provide a wide range of  eco-friendly products which come with warranties.


Simple to maintain and adds glamour to the kitchen..!!

Currently, electric chimney is measured to be a very vital part of the present kitchen. Chimneys improve the overall appear of your kitchen and offer you with extra functionality. Chimneys successfully takes care of heat and smoke . A fine kitchen chimney with sufficient suction ability is a must-have for those whose every day diet contains plenty of fried and steamed food. Pristine’s kitchen chimney product is unspoken, quickly clearing the air after an fragrant food. chimneys are crafted to make available fit & clean cooking environment.



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