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Hinges from Pristine Kitchen, the heart of good doors. Unbeatable solutions for any range of furniture Innovative, reliable, untiring performers. Top quality, smart mounting and adjustment techniques. Added convenience from push to open or with Sensys, the hinge with integrated soft-closing feature for cushioned closure.

Hinging on perfection, with Pristine Kitchen.

 A fine soft close Hinge has to receive the regular opening & closing of a shutter. A good hinge has to resist moisture and be corrosion free. It is not important that how superior your hinges are it has to be correctly fixed & aligned and the quality of your shutter where your hinges are located also matters.


Surface mount hinges

They are completely noticeable when fixed in a cabinet and are identified to add to the aesthetics of the design.


Overlay hinges

Hold two sides of the door and edge for extra support. These are usually used in overlay cabinet designs.


Flush hinges

Almost hidden from the outside,

These hinges are most compatible with full overlay frameless cabinets. One end of the hinge is fixed to the door and the other end, within the cabinet.


Wrap around hinges

They can be used in all types of cabinets, especially for heavy cabinets, as they are powerful and steady.



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