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A cook top is made of glass-earthenware called glass cook top. Drop-in extent has both burners on the top . Most of the present day stoves come with implied hoods and hence the cook top price depends on compatibility of the unit.

Microwaves which can help cook robustly to the dishwashers that helps in cleanliness of the utensils, PRISTINE KITCHEN’S advanced kitchen have positively turned lives around. We provide an extensive range of cookwares, microwaves gadgets etc on our website.

The cook top (reach) surface has more then one warming component which is  protected with magnesia and sheathed in a winding metal tube. Warming components of the stove is highly efficient.


Cooktop abilities

It's much safer and extra energy efficient than gas stove . Cooktops utilize an electromagnetic ground to heat up a pan. cooktop is more power efficient because fewer energy is wasted by heating. With a gas stove, just 40 percent of heat ends up cooking the foodstuff. The further 60 percent is wasted —  it only does is make the kitchen hotter. On the other hand, cooktops are about 90 percent efficient.Only 10 percent energy got wasted.


Cooktop safety

You can really lay a hand on it without blazing yourself, Because the surface of  cooktop doesn't get hot.

That makes cleaning easier


Cooktop Speed

Cooktops warm more rapidly than gas stove and save time as well.




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