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Built in Hob




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Built in hobs at Pristine kitchen are known for it's quality and perfomance, hob or a stove is the most fundamental part of the kitchen. Kitchen hobs available with us are more productive and economical. 

Kitchen hobs provided at pristine kitchen are  based upon the application of instant hotness for the cooking and it can also include a broiler which can be utilized while cooking.

We provide with all types of kitchen hobs and we can help you with choosing one from a wide range of products we have . We have basically three hob types to select from, each of them with unique features for making daily cooking sheer joy. We have a vast collection of products available to outfit your every kitchen requirements.

Pristine Kitchen, believe in selling quality products which are not only easy on your pockets but also they come with warranties to enjoy the entire kitchen experience. Our extensive range of Kitchen hobs helps you set free from your cooking worries.


Explore our variety of exceptional built in hobs and make cooking easier..

Indian cooking is extremely unusual where the temperature of oil is very essential requires the correct temperature and correct flame. Built in Hobs  got a superior revolution in Indian kitchen, burners are very efficient and therefore save power. Built in Hobs are made up with high quality objects and ensure safety.

There's no danger of food particles gathering underneath, building up germs and attracting household pests. Built in hobs is an updated version of gas stove. We have varied equipment, designs & colors for Built in hobs. The quantity of burners also starting from one burner, two burner, three burner and vice versa. As per customers need & expectations. Built in hobs are of superior technology & are energy efficient.




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